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Training for the use of the checklist

Training for the use of the checklist

The WHO surgical checklist, adapted and made compulsory by the HAS, remains poorly understood and little used in most operating theaters. It suffers from a lack of training and support which would make its use more systematic, for the benefit of the 3 victims of an incident: the patient, the practitioner and the establishment.

The objective of this training is to discuss the realities on the ground and to propose concrete solutions. When dispensed to the majority of users of an operating theater, this cheese contributes to a spectacular increase in the effective and team use of the HAS checklist.


This one-day training (in situ or in a simulation center) is intended for all healthcare professionals confronted with the use of the HAS checklist. Ideally, the group of learners will be multidisciplinary in order to represent the reality on the ground.

Overall objective

Improve understanding and use of the checklist

Targeted skills

Soft skills (CRM): Understand human fallibility, the need for the checklist, the importance of a well-defined methodology for use and shared by all stakeholders. Know how to involve the team in the realization of the checklist and define a methodology of use adapted to the realities of its establishment

Pedagogical strategy

This training is organized in the form of a "focus group"

Indicative program

  • Awareness of the importance of the checklist
  • Rules for using a checklist
  • Tools allowing the team to make the most of the checklist together: briefing, leadership, assertiveness, ...


8 hours (8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.) for a maximum of 12 learners.


In situ in your simulation center, training institute, hospital center, clinic


Base: 500 € per learner (estimate adapted according to the number of days and the terms agreed with the client).

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